Due to the very high prevelance of Covid-19 in our community at the moment we are sorry to inform you that the following decisions have been made by the Standing Committee of the Church Council and ratified by our Church Council here at All Saints. It is in line with decisions several other churches in our community have already made due to the new variant strain of Covid-19 and the fact that we put safety above all other consideration.


Our regular Sunday 8am, 9.30am and 2.30pm services, and our Thursday 10am service  will now no longer take place either in the church or the garden.  This is with immediate effect from Thursday 24th December and ongoing into the New Year till the level of virus becomes much less of a risk in our community (and certainly not while we remain within Tier 4).


Instead the church will be open for Private Prayer (with social distancing) at the following time for December, January and possibly into February.

Sunday Mornings from 9.30am to 10.30am 

All are welcome at this but the term "Private prayer" is used to make it clear we do not expect people to chat amongst themselves in the church but allow space and silence for people to come in and prayer quietly. Quiet Christmas music will be played during the Christmas season on CD with interludes of silence.

People can come and go during this period and should try not  to all arrive at the beginning or leave at the end as this will make it safer. Please remember to use gel when entering the church and leaving the church and to wear a Facemask. We have to make it clear that managing the church door handles from a Covid-19 point of view is difficult and we also encourage you also to bring your own hand gel to use after touching these both when you arrive and leave the building. Leaving the doors completely open in the winter months will also have health risks for people in the church.

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