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All Saints Churchyard

All Saints Churchyard is the second largest in the whole of East Kent. 

As such it is a very precious area that has been a burial area for centuries.

It is still possible to have  burials at the churchyard, or have  cremated remains interred at the churchyard. Contact us via the contact page to find out more

Also we are happy to help with Family Tree or historical searches. Included in this is actually meeting you at All Saints and showing you the location of the grave you are looking for on a day and time that is convenient for you. We do not advise you looking for the grave without help as it is a very large churchyard.


For those looking for close family graves as far back in time as grandparents there is no charge though donations are gratefully received . Similarly, if you are looking for a friend's grave who has passed away in recent decades there is no charge.


For historical searches for relatives going back before grandparents as part of a Family Tree search or a general historical search there is a  legal set charge of £36 an hour or part thereof for the year 2024 as set by the national Church in their fee table.

You are strongly advised to contact the Canterbury Cathedral Archives first to get as much information there from  the Burial registers for All Saints as this is where they are kept. They also have online search facilities here

Once you have the full name of the person or persons you want us to do a grave search for and the approximate or exact year that they died we then consult our Burial charts and plans (which are charged at the same rate as Burial registers for a search by our Churchyard vergers) and will do a search of the churchyard for you in advance and will also meet you to show you the location of the grave once you have obtained the full name and burial date from the Canterbury Cathedral Archives.


When it comes to funerals and burials of ashes there are additional fees such as vergers, organists, heating, which are not included in the Church of England fees. 

The fees for a search for a Family Tree grave and historical search do not have any hidden costs anad are simple charged at £31 per hour or part thereof.

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