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Thanks for reading this. It contains all the most important information necessary in order to book your wedding All Saints. Please can you read all of this information below as it is all important if you are considering having your wedding at All Saints. Thank you. Below is information about how to book, the ID you will need with you when you book, and also the need to have a connection with All Saints or with Whitstable before you book, though there is a way to marry as explained below if you do not.


Please note - booking weddings at churches has become increasingly complicated recently due to government regulation as well as new rules created by the Church of England (both of these are entirely out of our control!). 

It is probably a good idea for you to call Simon our vicar on 01227 272308 or email him at after you have read the below information just to confirm you have all the relevant details in place before coming to book your wedding at All Saints. 



Or you can contact the vicar through his mobile at 07833 448287

or you may prefer to fill out the below form


If you do not get an immediate reply he may be on holiday so please allow a delay of a week or so

before you hear back.


NB "Whitstable" means the town of Whitstable including Seasalter, Tankerton, Chestfield and Swalecliffe​

If you do not have the relevant links with Whitstable (see below) but have your heart set on a wedding here, you can agree to attend church once a month for a period of six months and book your wedding on that understanding. Talk to Simon about this. If you fail to complete the six months attendance, you will still be eligible to a church blessing after doing the legal bits at a Registry Office in the morning or earlier in the week. This can be a perfectly good option. 

If you live in Whitstable, or have links with Whitstable in the way described below, there is no need for you to attend church before your wedding, though we do like you to come and hear your banns read the month before your wedding, and Simon will explain this more.

Please read more below


If at least one of you has been married before we have to consult

with the Bishop before booking the wedding.

Please let us know if this is the case.

Simon will meet up with you to discuss why this is necessary.

It is a relaxed and informal experience.

If at least one of you is not a UK citizen then there may be further processes involving the civil authorities which are necessary before we can confirm your wedding date. Please again let us know if this is the case when you initially make contact with us. Thank you.

If at least one of you lives in Whitstable, and neither of you have been married before, and you are both UK citizens, then this gives you the automatic right to marry at All Saints Whitstable without any further processes required in advance.


However, if niether of you do live in Whitstable there are some extra

qualifying connections that also give you the right to marry at All Saints if you are not

currently living in Whitstable.

At least one of you would need to have one or more of these as qualifying connections:

1) At least one of you was baptised or confirmed in one of the Church of England churches in Whitstable.


2)  At least one of you   any time had his or her usual place of residence in Whitstable for a period of not less than six months.


(c) At least one of you  has at any time habitually attended public worship in a Churchof England church in Whitstable for  not less than six months;

NB You can decide to do this in advance of your wedding  on condition that if you do not fulfill this requirement the wedding becomes a "blessing" with the legal parts happening elsewhere, usually the Registry Office earlier in the day or week. Attendance is no less than once a month.


(d) One of you have or have had a parent who during your lifetime had his or her usual place of residence in Whitstable  for a period of not less than six months or habitually attended public worship a Church of England church in Whitstable for that period.


 (e) One of you has a parent or grandparent whose wedding took place in a Church of England church in Whitstable.



For weddings services between 1 January and 31 December 2021

(2022 prices are arranged by the national church and local church in November 2021

but will not be significant increases, usually only related to the rate of inflation)

Statutory Marriage Fees (these are not optional )                                   £464

Wedding certificate                  £11

Banns fee when

you live in the parish                £31

Certificate of banns for weddings at other churches                      £15

Non Statutory Fees  (these are all optional and extra but you are strongly advised to have the verger, and organist if you want hymns)


Fees for organ ........... £90.00                              

Fees for verger…. £40.00

Choir.............................  £130.00

Bells…   ......................    £130.00

Heating (October to April inclusive)…………………………........£40.00

The £50 deposit you pay when booking your wedding is deducted from the total when you pay the outstanding balance. It is not refundable if there is a cancellation of your wedding.

*This is the contribution asked if you wish to have specially chosen flowers for your wedding. Otherwise, the flowers on your wedding day, in the church will be the normal weekly flower arrangements. Please note we do not permit private individuals or businesses to come in and organise flower pedestals or arrangements at the church as it may conflict with another wedding on the same day or with the plans of our flower arrangers. However, pew ends may be brought in separately.

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