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All Saints Church Refurbishment

September 2023 - March 2024


Currently our church is being refurbished. This is due to loose plaster in much of the interior of the building which could become a health and safety issue if it is not stripped away and replaced.

After this the church will be completed redecorated.

Our initial estimate for this was £54,000 excluding VAT (VAT which is reclaimable from the government as we are a listed church building)  but recent works on the church mean that there is an additional £25,000 excluding VAT taking this figure to £79,000. Then we also need to pay for an archaeologist as one of the grave stones needs to be moved away from the east end of the church wall to prevent damp issues. In addition there is the cost of our architect and project manager. 


Further to this we have had to pay recently approximately £16,000 for further work on the outside of the church which taken with earlier work on the church exterior with pointing work has pushed the project well above budget.


We also have had issues with our church hall refurbishment.

As our church hall was being redecorated over the summer we realised that the roof was leaking in the main hall and this meant we had to have the roofs completely examined. In the end, the church council decided to have all our church roofs completely replaced which cost an additional £41,000.


Now, we are fortunate, in that we have been given money by various legacies, especially from the late Brenda and Frank Quickenden, Frank and Lilian Quickenden, and Wendy Palmer, in recent years. This means we can afford the work we are undertaking.


However, if friends of the church can donate to the project this means our reserves will be in a healthier state for the future.

We have ideas for the future such as developing the inside of the church more with the introduction of kitchen families and a toilet. We would also like to see our church made more accessible for the public with "History of All Saints tours" as we have so much that is of historical interest. We are approaching the National Lottery for a grant for this idea. We are also using our reserves to pay for our Children and Families Minister, and so if you donate your are indirectly allowing her work to continue for longer too.


Therefore  if you can assist by giving a donation to this project that would be greatly appreciated. Please can you email Malcolm Waller our church treasurer if you do make a donation at so he knows what the money you have put into our account is for and so he can send you a thank you.

Thank you so much from all of us at All Saints Whitstable


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