Set in the "Village in the heart of the town", All Saints is one of five churches in the Whitstable Team Ministry (Church of England). A warm welcome to our website!

Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Service of Dedication after a Civil Marriage, Baptisms (Christenings), Services of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child, and advice for Funerals

There are a number of links that will give you advice for weddings, baptisms (christenings), services of thanksgivings for the gift of a child, advice for other celebratory services and also advice for those facing the sadness of funerals.
They are as follows

Weddings   www.weddingsatallsaints.blogspot.co.uk

Renewal of wedding vows    www.renewalofvows.blogspot.co.uk

Service of Dedication in church after a Civil Wedding   www.blessingofcivilmarriage.blogspot.co.uk

Baptisms (Christenings) and thanksgiving for the gift of a child     www.baptismsatallsaints.blogspot.co.uk

Advice for Funerals     www.funeralsatallsaints.blogspot.co.uk