All Saints Whitstable only holds records for burials and weddings and baptisms from the last few years.

All our registers are at the Canterbury Cathedral Archives and we ask those conducting research into their family trees to pay a visit to the Archives if they do not have the date and full name of the person's grave they are wishing to locate, or if they are trying to find out about a baptism or wedding or death of a historic nature.
Please see below for how to contact the Archives and the process that we have in place once this has happened. It may be possible to search the Archives online from your own home now and it is worth checking with them about this as in some cases it is possible. Their contact details are below on the link to their website.

This is a list of the records we currently hold:

All Saints Church Records of Registers August 2005

Register of Baptisms
2011 to present day

Register of Marriages
2011 to present day

Register of Banns
2011 to present day

Register of Burials

Register of Services

Register of Confirmations

We imagine you may be wanting to look further back in time. If you are doing research into your Family Tree or for any other reason want to trace a more ancient record we suggest you click on this link please which will take you to the place where our records are stored, in Canterbury



Occasionally, people doing research into their family tree have obtained information from this link and then request that we aid them in finding the graves in the churchyard.

Please note - if you are searching for the grave of someone from your immediate family, for example a sibling, parent, grandparent, cousin, uncle or aunt,  we will conduct the search for you free of charge, though you are welcome to make a donation. For relatives going further back in time we apply the usual fee stipulated below which is set by the national Church. The fee has been set by the national Church due to the large amount of time that is required to help people each year with their family tree research, which has become a very popular interest for many. 

We need to make it clear that the national church allows us to set fees for any assistance in searching through our grave plans in order to locate graves and that for 2018 these are set at £29 for the first hour or part thereof and £29 for the second hour or part thereof. If you would like to avail yourselves of our assistance please write to Phillip Williams at the Church Office, Church Street, Whitstable, CT5 1PG with the details you require and a cheque for £29 payable to All Saints DCC (standing for District Church Council). Or if you are an overseas visitor please bring £29 cash with you on the day. Thank you.

You will have needed to get the information from the Canterbury Cathedral archives first of the name of your relative and the year that they died and any other information that is present on the entry in the archives. Please include this in your letter to Phillip. He will then contact you to arrange a time to show you the grave if he has been able to find it. 

If he is not able to find the grave we hope you understand that the £29 is non refundable as he will have spent some time going through the churchyard plans looking for the grave with the information you have provided.

Obviously there is no need to contact the Canterbury Cathedral Archives first if you already have the name of your relative and the year that they died. You can provide this to Phillip with your cheque and he will carry out the search.

Alternatively please email the Vicar at tillotsons@gmail.com if your visit is to take place in the next week and you do not have time to write to Mr Williams and he will arrange some other arrangement with you which may involve meeting Mr Williams on a particular day and paying him in cash, then returning later in the day once he has done a search of the records. The burial records are in an area of the church which is not accessible to the public. 

If Phillip Williams is able to locate the grave he will meet you and show you were it is. Please be prepared that quite often with ancient graves the headstone is no longer in place. Also in the 1980's a large number of graves were removed which had become structurally unsafe following public notice. His home number is 01227 263095.

Plans of the graveyard are not open to unsupervised access by members of the public and so if you wish the plans to be searched it is necessary to use Phillip who keeps the plans in one of the church cupboards.

Just to clarify: We have no stored information of details of deaths at the church before 1967 so you will need to send him the names of the deceased and the dates of the death or he will not be able to locate the graves. Thank you for your understanding!

Of course you are welcome to walk around looking for graves free of charge and we would recommend you explored that route before writing to Phillip.