Bellringing at All Saints Whitstable

Welcome to our wepage page about the church bellringing team. Here below is an interview with, Christine Williams, who has previously served as an All Saints Tower Captain. This interview gives the enquirer a good introduction into bellringing at All Saints Whitstable.What made you want to go into bellringing?

I started ringing 40 years ago when I was introduced to it by my then Guide Captain, who rang at All Saints'. She taught me to ring. I've had a couple of longish breaks, but each time have found it fairly easy to get back into it.

How many ringers are there and what ages?
Currently there are twelve ringers from 17 to 80+, but you can learn to ring from about 12 years old (as some of them have) There are 40,000 ringers in UK in all.

Is it easy to learn?
It takes a long time to learn (eg 6 months before you are proficient enough to ring for Sunday services), and requires regular commitment. It seems to be quicker for youngsters than adults

What are the bells like at All Saints’ - are they heavy or light?
We have 6 bells. They are considered a light ring, with the tenor (heaviest bell) at just over
7cwt. - compare to St Alphege at 3cwt, St Dunstans at 13cwt , and the Cathedral 34cwt

On what occasions are they rung?
Every Sunday morning, extra services at Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day, All Saints' Day, weddings on request, very occasionally for funerals. We ring half-muffled for Remembrance
Sunday - this means that 1 side of each clapper is covered with leather so that each bell alternates between a normal 'ding' and a muffled one.
What should someone do who is interested in learning the art?
Contact Maureen in the first instance, or come on a Wednesday evening at 7.45pm. We would be happy to explain more and give a 'taster'. (Youngsters would need to be accompanied by an adult)
CALL 01227 274817 for more information